What is your Handling Time?

Our items are handmade. Typically items are shipped within 2-3 days from order. From time to time orders may take longer than this quoted handling time, but this is not typical. Please keep in mind that we can’t guarantee arrival dates, as we don’t control the pace at which the shipping company delivers your item.

Where do your Items Ship From?

Houston, Texas

What shipping company do you use?

We use both USPS and UPS. USPS is used in general for all smaller orders, and UPS for larger orders of at least several cups. The shipping company used for each order is set and can’t be changed. There are multiple shipping speeds which you can select

Do you Offer International Shipping?

Yes, we do.  Please email james@cupbuzz.comfor information on international shipping.


Do you Offer Local Pickup?

No, unfortunately we do not. We used to, but it was very hard to get our schedule to line up with buyers….plus if you live in Houston, you know that traffic is no joke!

Custom / Large Orders

Do you Offer Custom Orders?

Yes, we complete custom orders all the time. There will typically be an extra fee associated with the time and effort to process a custom order.  Please email james@cupbuzz.comfor more information.

Do you Offer Custom Engraving?

We do, but only for orders of 5 or more cups.  This is due to the large amount of time to set-up for each new engraved logo.

Do you Accept Large / Bulk Orders?

Yes, we successfully complete large orders all the time.  Whether it’s for a corporate giveaway, family reunion, charity event, or youth sports team, we can handle ANY large order.

Is there a Bulk Discount?

For bulk pricing (over 10 cups) please email james@cupbuzz.comor call (832) 392 9294.


Do you Offer Refunds?

Yes, we offer a full refund within 21 days for any standard item in our store.  Your refund will be processed within 48 hours of the item being returned to our location.

Do you Sponsor Charities/Giveaways?

From time to time we do. We wish we could say “yes” to everything, but unfortunately that is not practical as they are a lot of requests. Feel free to email us at